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Detroit Equipment is a privately owned heavy equipment repair company located in the heart of the Midwest. We offer a complete line of heavy equipment repair and maintenance services, including line boring, power washing, field service, mobile maintenance, and hydraulics. Detroit Equipment works with all major brands of heavy-duty equipment, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, John Deere, Bobcat, and Kenworth.

Whether you need repairs done at your worksite or elsewhere, Detroit Equipment’s service team is ready to help. We’ve expanded our fleet of field trucks to shorten response time and offer on-site repairs. Our service trucks are outfitted with the latest technology and tools for reliable repair services that get you running again as soon as possible.

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Hydraulic repair Detroit Michigan with Caterpillar

Hydraulic Repair

With Detroit Equipment, you can find industry-leading hydraulic cylinder repair services. Whether your equipment is inefficient or has just failed catastrophically, we have solutions. Our experts will diagnose and repair any size or type of hydraulic cylinder to keep your business running smoothly at the forefront of its field! In addition to cylinder repairs, we also offer expert rebuild services and replacement cylinders.

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Mobile line boring with Climax portable boring machine

Mobile Line Boring

Line boring is a job that often requires the right tools and talent. It’s an important task, but it can be challenging to get things just right. For example, custom solutions are necessary when you have complex line boring jobs. There are different aspects of this process to consider before going forward: Line Boring generally refers to engine machining that creates perfectly aligned bores for camshaft housings and crankshafts. Each step along the way- from design scripts to actual production- may involve line boring in one form; nevertheless, that line boring will likely deal with any significant parts of these efforts (such as blocks).

Detroit Equipment specializes in mobile line boring at your location or anywhere in the field service or job site.

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Field Services

Detroit Equipment provides onsite repairs and maintenance for clients throughout Michigan. Our mobile repair trucks feature everything our technicians need to diagnose, repair or replace most services in the field.

We provide equipment field service for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, John Deere, Bobcat, and Kenworth, including emergency repairs and preventive maintenance. For more information or to request service, contact us today!

Field services are best for quick emergencies that would be too expensive to transport any further; we will attempt a temporary solution until your machine is repaired in our shop if full-scale work can’t happen right away in the field.

Mobile Maintenance

A business depends on equipment to run smoothly. Therefore, investing in preventative mobile maintenance for your fleet is so important.

Preventive mobile maintenance also helps you meet environmental compliance and warranty assurance standards and increases the lifetime value of the equipment.

Detroit Equipment offers plans that include guaranteed response times from our service technicians and planned costs within a budget range to fit any need! Our customers come to us not only for emergency repairs or preventive maintenance; we offer specialized services like part fabrication and troubleshooting too.

Diesel engine truck repair in Detroit, Michigan

Diesel Engine Repair

Besides repairs and maintenance, we offer diesel engine repair service to keep your engine in shape. By following these important inspections, you can protect your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency.

If you care for them well, diesel vehicles will serve you a long-time with Detroit Equipment as a partner. We know what makes these cars work; by scrutinizing an engine according to our checklist, we can determine potential problems it might have that would require repair or maintenance on your part.

Regardless of whether they need repairs or maintenance services, our team has the technicians needed from top to bottom to get maximum use out of any car investment.

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mobile power washing in southwest lower Michigan for heavy equipment in the field

Mobile Power Washing

Mobile power washing is the most common job performed by commercial cleaners across the country. And with good reason. Mobile power washing is affordable, effective, and convenient.

Mobile power washing uses electric or gas-powered machines to clean surfaces at construction sites and other areas. This has the added advantage of being able to remove dirt and grime from spaces that are inaccessible to typical cleaning methods.

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Welding & Fabrication

Welding is an essential component of heavy equipment maintenance. It is vital to keep these machines safe and functional year after year, so technicians must understand how to repair and maintain them.

Welding and fabricating heavy equipment is no easy task. These machines are frequently located in remote areas, and they are commonly subjected to harsh elements. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to repair these machines and keep them in working order.

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Electrical Diagnostics

Today, trucks and heavy machinery are all controlled mainly by electrical components like an ECM or a monitoring system that can act up. When it does, it takes special equipment to access the fault codes, which are necessary to troubleshoot.

At Detroit Equipment we have a fully loaded Diesel Laptop ™️ with every program on every machine in the industry to diagnose any fault codes from every manufacturer; this allows us an edge in the industry that is important to your equipment’s uptime. Plugging into your equipment provides us vital information that will assist in the repair process and get you back up and running quicker and more efficiently.”

Truck Trailer Repair

Fleet operators must clearly understand the vehicles and trailers within their service to ensure they meet operational targets. And this requires comprehensive knowledge of truck and trailer repair requirements.

Common trailer repairs:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Brake failures
  • Fluid leaks

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Detroit Equipment performs heavy equipment repair, mobile line boring hydraulic services, and field service of all heavy equipment brands.

Please reach out to Joe at (313) 920-1810 for any inquiries.

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